ACM VRIC 2018 et Laval Virtual 2018

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Date(s) - 04/04/2018 - 06/04/2018
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Call for Papers & Attendees – 20th ACM VRIC & Laval Virtual 2018
Laval (France) April 4 – 6, 2018

20th premier European conference & exhibition on immersive (AR-VR-MR) technologies

ACM VRIC 2018 will gather about 170 specialists in Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies, from research institutions & industry, to work together and produce a vision towards the evolution of immersive technologies and their future usage scenarios within different sectors.

Wednesday, April 4: Invited speakers from research institutions & industry present their own vision on immersive technologies, their usage scenarios and the « Laval Virtual Vision » they created together during the Laval Virtual Seminar. Mark Mine – DISNEY Research (USA), Christian Sandor – NAIST (Japan), Naomi Roth – Virtuality for Reality (France), Peter Antoniac – AUGUMENTA (Finland)…

Thursday, April 5: Thematic Workshops, driven by experts in each area, contribute to refine the LV vision 2025 edition 2018 and dream up future projects to create a collective document (in a publishable form) presenting their collective work in their specific workshop theme.

Friday, April 6: Final Plenary Session for presenting the outcomes of the Workshops and validating the updated version of the  » Laval Virtual Vision 2025″. A famous keynote speaker will introduce that day: Mel Slater!

More than ever, ACM VRIC Laval Virtual 2018 is the place to be in order to participate in the tremendous growth of Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies.

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